Startups and Creative Destruction

Change is a healthy sign for a growing economy. The number of companies that rise and fall in the global economy over time is striking.  Key benchmarks like the Fortune 500 or Dow Jones Industrial Average have a healthy turnover of members. For example, only 60, or 12%, of the Fortune 500 companies in 1955 where still on the list in 2017. Continue reading “Startups and Creative Destruction”

5 top Lima-based tech investors

In October, LAVCA updated its list of Top Women investing in Latin America Tech. This year the list includes new names of investors based in Lima and well as a new list of Emerging Women Investors in Latin American Tech. Here are the five Lima-based investors recognized by LAVCA: Continue reading “5 top Lima-based tech investors”

The IPO Dream

We can all picture the scene effortlessly. The smile is picture perfect, flashes come from all angles, the company ticker flashes on the big board, and she rings the bell signaling the open of trading at the New York Stock Exchange. The company has gone public. It’s happened. Every entrepreneur’s dream, right? Continue reading “The IPO Dream”